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The greatest strength that has allowed us to reach the global market is our logistic and administrative presence in two locations, Italy and China.

Thanks to this, we guarantee a series of services and a wide range of refined and high quality products.

  • Shipments to all over the world with short delivery times and competitive rates 
  • Collaborations and direct contacts with companies, in order to guarantee personalized offers and meet customer needs
  • Numerous quality checks and tests carried out on the products we supply 
  • Warranty service and after-sales assistance in the country in which you operate, in order to provide a quick and effective solution
  • A market research with evaluation, supply of products and services
  • Imports and exports on demand, survey of potential customers in the various markets
  • Supply of our Noziroh brand products, high quality products, with a refined and innovative design
We are looking for new business partners, for affiliate website program and products resellers.
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